Bitcoin Code is an automated crypto trading program which you can make passive income on. The system offers a wide range of crypto pairs to trade, 24/7 customer support, and lots of perks like quick payouts. Learn everything about the platform in this review!

Pros and cons


  • Reliable security
  • 94% program precision
  • SSL protected payments
  • Quick payouts
  • $250 minimum deposit


  • Mistake prone bot
  • Limited technical indicators
  • Occasionally incorrect graphs

Bitcoin Code experience

Most user reviews contain positive feedback and show that people are satisfied with the program. They say that the best things about the app are its: fast payout speed, great security, and the precision of the trading system.

As for some of the negative aspects, users point out the mistakes that the robot sometimes makes and the quality of the graphs. Moreover, the platform has also passed the checks from some reputable reviewing companies with ease.

Registration on the Bitcoin Code platform

Want to begin using the app? Time to pass the Bitcoin Code registration. It’s simple and can be done with ease, but some points need additional explanation, so go through this sign-up guide very carefully.

The form and identity verification

First, you have to fill out the form on the main page of the website. All you have to enter is your full name, country of residence, mobile phone number, and email. Only write real information since it’s later used for identity verification.

After you submit the form, you get to the verification step. Here, you’re required to take a photo of one of your documents, like an ID card or passport, and send it to the Bitcoin Code website. When you’re recognized as a real person, you can continue with the sign-up.

Deposit and account activation

At this point, your info is in the system, but your account still isn’t activated. To make it active, you have to deposit at least $250, since it’s the minimum amount. You can make the payment using MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, or Skrill.

Choose the method depending on the charges and waiting times. Most of them process the transaction immediately. When the funds get to your balance, your profile is activated and you can log in to Bitcoin Code.

Demo account and live trading

Now you can already live trade, but the recommended option is to first use the demo account. With the demo account, you trade using fake money and can gain experience, as well as, get comfortable with the interface of the Bitcoin Code website.

Once you get used to the trading process on the program, you can begin live trading. However, remember that there are some vital rules to hold in your head while trading. Keep on reading to find out about them and how much they can help you in the process.

Bitcoin Code mobile app

The trading platform is also available on Android mobile phones. It has an easy to understand interface and allows you to launch the app from anywhere at any time. Users can always access Bitcoin Code from their laptops or mobile phones through the browser.

Bitcoin Code fees and charges

Bitcoin Code has fees only on trading sessions. In case you don’t profit during a session, no fees are taken. Depositing and withdrawing doesn’t involve any charges on the app.

Useful features of Bitcoin Code

The best way to quickly get used to Bitcoin Code is to learn its functionality. Keep on reading to find out about the most lucrative functions it has.

Cryptocurrency pairs

The Bitcoin Code platform offers a variety of fiat-to-crypto pairs, like BTC/USD, ETH/EUR, or BTC/EUR. This means that you have a big number of pairs to choose from and trade, so you can still get a profit if one of the pairs is in a downtrend.

Security of the website

The Bitcoin Code website uses various technologies to protect the data of its users: verification system, SSL encryption technology, and the payout machine. Here are short explanations of how every technology works.

Verification technology

The verification system checks if the sent documents are valid or not and depending on the result it might ban the account. If it’s a real person, the system allows the user to go on with the registration.

SSL security socket layer

The SSL technology encrypts your data while it’s being out in the open on the Bitcoin Code site. After that, it sends the information to the server of the site, where it can be stored under the protection of a firewall.

Payout machine

Finally, the payout machine is used to transfer the earned cash during a trading session. The job isn’t done by a real person, since people are bound to make a mistake one day, while robots do the counting perfectly and also can’t scam.

The support team

The support on the Bitcoin Code platform works 24/7 to help every user. However, it might take some time for a person to respond to your question. Nevertheless, the given solutions are full of information and helpful.

Demo account

The demo account is a helpful function for newcomers in the cryptocurrency field. Using it, beginners gain experience, learn how to trade, and get used to the website interface with no risk of losing money. Use this function to the maximum and you won’t regret it.

Available cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Code offers to trade with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Chainlink, Ripple, and many others. Choose your preferred fiat-to-crypto pair and trade them freely.

Indicators on graphs

Meaningful things to use are indicators. Thankfully, they’re available on the Bitcoin Code program and give you a great advantage if you know how to implement them in your trading. They show entry points in the market and even beginners can make cash with them.

Tips for safe trading on the Bitcoin Code app

First, follow the risk management principles. Never go all-in with your trades, don’t use high leverage, and don’t do “revenge” trades. All of this leads to unneeded risks and losses of money which could’ve been avoided.

Furthermore, use stop-losses to minimize your losses in case the market doesn’t go in your favor. Set them to a certain point in price and once the actual price reaches that level it gets activated and stops your trade with only small losses.


The Bitcoin Code site is a revolutionary software which can make you passive income with trading. The platform is easy to work with, has all the needed functionality, and a user-friendly support team. Try out this amazing trading system today and begin earning those stacks of money!