The Bitcoin revolution started a while ago. However, the modern era has brought it closer to everyone. Free trading robots, such as Bitcoin Revolution, assist people with minimum crypto trading knowledge and experience to earn the passive income they could’ve never hoped for.

If you’re still weighing the odds as to whether to get involved with the industry, this review may become the trigger to your financial freedom. Are you ready to take the chance offered by fate?

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bitcoin Revolution platform


  • Available 24/7 customer service
  • Pleasant and intuitive layout
  • Safe and secure data encryption
  • Stable and profitable trading algorithm
  • Increasing levels of user satisfaction
  • Available desktop and mobile app


  • Deposit limit of $250
  • Manual trades require related experience
  • Unavailable immediate fund withdrawal

A closer look at how Bitcoin Revolution software operates

The general idea behind the Bitcoin Revolution site is similar to the variety of other vendors involved with the industry. The well-developed software allows anyone to participate in crypto trades with an average to high possibility of profit. However, what makes it stand out is the specially-designed trading algorithm.

The platform has been launched by a team of trading enthusiasts who figured what was missing from other services. That’s the speed and preciseness of the trading signal. The algorithm that the Bitcoin Revolution is equipped with is a fraction of a second faster than that of other services. That results in the quicker draw of potentially successful trades.

The automated approach behind the software has brought the industry with all the potential passive income opportunities closer to an increased number of traders. While the possibility to trade manually will appear to more seasoned investors.

How do you start trading with the Bitcoin Revolution?

Many potential investors may be lured to give the crypto trade a try, but the high chance of being robbed by a scamming vendor scares them off. One of the main factors pointing out that this system doesn’t belong to the fraudulent category is the very registration process.

Step 1 – register

No user can get engaged with a trade until a valid account is created. You won’t be allowed to use an inactive email address or fake phone number, together with a nickname to register on the website. All the data provided should be accurate and active. The confirmation of a newly created account will be sent to your email. Once you receive it, you’ll be able to continue with the platform.

Step 2 – demo test it

Another proof of the platform’s reputability is that you don’t have to fund your account until you’re 100% sure that you’re ready to go on with it. Bitcoin Revolution demo mode is designed to replicate the live trade. So, while launching a demo trade, every user is given a chance to observe the trading process, experiment with the settings, and possibly develop a trading strategy.

Step 3 – deposit funds

When you’re satisfied with how the platform operates due to a successful demo test, you can proceed with the depositing process. The platform requires a minimum deposit of $250 to be made. You’re allowed to use any payment option you see fit:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • Discover
  • American Express

It’s possible to take the primary deposit as high as $15,000, but that’s optional. No matter the payment method, the depositing process is swift and takes no more than 5 minutes for the funds to show in your balance.

Step 4 – trade live

You can start trading right away when the funds are deposited into the account. However, it’s advised to browse around and play with the settings some more to rule out the risk of loss. To succeed with that, it’s best to set the preferred parameters before launching the auto trade. Such options as daily trading limits, as well as stop-loss limits, are vital. You’re allowed to set such parameters as:

  • Trading pairs
  • Daily profit
  • Daily trade amount
  • Daily loss

Aside from Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Revolution platform enables investors to trade with Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. As the fiat currencies, they’re universal – USD and EUR. Every member using Android mobile phones may enjoy the comfort of using an app, for others, there are always mobile versions of the system accessible through the browser!

Benefits of using the Bitcoin Revolution website

Bitcoin Revolution developers have gone further than most due to the success rate of every trading operation. However, that’s not where all the benefits end.

No hidden fees

The Bitcoin Revolution is among vendors that state all the charges transparently. There are no hidden fees to be aware of. There are set fees upon the profit you gain. They vary from broker to broker, and you can discuss them with the local broker the minute you’re assigned with one. In case the fees are unacceptable for you, you can get in touch with the support available 24/7 and switch the broker.

Secure crypto trading

While some services can’t guarantee online user safety and data security, Bitcoin Revolution relies on RSA encryption. Thus, there’s no chance of sensitive information being hacked or leaked. Data privacy measures add up to the platform’s security.

The improved trading success rate

The preciseness with which the system scans the crypto market and analyses gathered information results in an increased success rate that the Bitcoin Revolution offers. Though the risks of loss are also significant, the chance of trade profitability is over 90%.

Impeccable and feeless withdrawal

Bitcoin Revolution is one of those vendors that issue absolutely no fees upon profit withdrawal. What’s more, the withdrawal time is among the fastest there are. Usually, it takes about 24 hours to be deposited into your account. However, you should enquire about the fees that the banking operator may deduct from your withdrawal. These vary from bank to bank. Thus, the vendor with the smallest fee is the best one to cooperate with.


Bitcoin Revolution is a free trading platform that’s become popular in over 100 countries worldwide. The trading algorithm, software reliability, and ensured profits have helped countless individuals establish uninterrupted passive income with the least amount of time and effort spent in the process. The question is – will you become a new revolutionary or no?