Profit BTC is an online trading system that you can make thousands of dollars trading cryptocurrency on. The platform has a variety of cryptocurrency pairs to choose from, banking options, and a low deposit minimum. Learn about it from this review!

Pros and cons


  • Over 93% success rate
  • Fast cashout speed
  • Easy profile creation
  • Available demo accounts
  • Variety of payment methods


  • Unfriendly customer support
  • Fees applied to trades
  • Available negative feedback

Profit BTC experience

The real users of the app point out that it has incredibly fast withdrawal speed. They also say that there are several banking methods to choose from. Moreover, they write that the demo account was a big help.

Nevertheless, from the use of the Profit BTC platform they’ve also noticed that the customer support team doesn’t answer friendly and responsibly. Also, they say that the possible earnings from the app don’t match its stated 93% success ratio.

Registration on the Profit BTC platform

To begin using the platform, you have to pass the Profit BTC registration. It’s easy to understand and complete, but still has some tricky things connected to it. This guide will help you get through the sign-up procedure safe and sound.

The form and identity verification

First, you have to fill out a special form on the main page of the website. You need to enter your full name, email, country of residence, and mobile phone number. Write only real data to quickly get through the next step — identity verification.

After submitting the form, you have to identify yourself as a real person. For that, you send the Profit BTC website one of your documents, like an ID card or a driver’s license. If the system sees you as a real person, you’ll continue to the next step.

Deposit and account activation

Now, you have to deposit to activate your account. The minimum amount is only $250, so almost anyone can do it. To make the payment, you can use MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, or Trustly.

Choose the payment option depending on the waiting time and fees. For example, debit cards tend to have higher fees than e-wallets. Once the transaction goes through, your account is activated and you can begin trading.

Demo account and live trading

A helpful option on the Profit BTC site is the demo account. Using it, you can trade with fake money and receive lots of experience at the same time. Experience in trading is one of the most vital things and can come in handy more than even theory.

Once you begin to apprehend how the app looks like and what you’re doing on it, you can get down to real trading. You can maximize the results with it by setting the robot some additional requirements. Stay tuned to find out about them.

Profit BTC platform security

The website is protected by a verification system and the SSL security socket layer. The verification system examines the documents sent by the users to determine if there are any bots trying to register. SSL encrypts the data and sends it to the server for safe storage.

Fees and charges

Profit BTC platform doesn’t have fees on deposits. You might encounter them when withdrawing and taking profits after a trading session. The charges are low and only take 2% of your profit and 3-5% of cash out depending on the withdrawal method.

Useful features of Profit BTC

Learning the functionality is the first step to working with the website. Read this section to find out about every important aspect of the system.

Optimization for various devices

The Profit BTC platform is optimized for many devices. Even though there isn’t a mobile version, you can still trade with it on a phone, computer, or tablet from any place in the world, at any time.

Available cryptocurrencies

You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Cardano on the Profit BTC platform.

Demo account

A useful function, especially for beginners, is the demo account. With this option, you can trade using fake money, without any risks. That way, you improve your trading skills and get experience while not risking any real cash.

Payout speed

Profit BTC payout speed is very fast. All of the funds earned during a trading session are added to your account within the first 24 hours. To be able to complete this process in such a fast amount of time, special technology is used

Its main purpose is to pay out money to people in the fastest amount of time and not make any mistakes during the process.

Feedback system

The feedback system makes Profit BTC sound very trustworthy. That’s because this function allows people to leave their reviews of the app immediately. Moreover, they can be seen by others, without depending on their opinion.

Verification technology

Finally, there’s also a verification system implemented on the platform. It checks if the documents submitted by a user are real or not. Depending on the result, the mechanism may ban the account or let it continue with the registration.

Tips for safe trading on the Profit BTC app

If you want to trade well, you have to also know about risk management. Here are some of the main principles to follow while trading.

Risk management

The most meaningful rules in trading are part of risk management: never trade with your entire balance, don’t use high leverage, stop being greedy, never “revenge” trade.

Not “revenge” trading means not trying to aggressively get back the lost money immediately. Leverage is borrowed money and the reason why you shouldn’t use it in big amounts is due to huge risks and even the possibility of going into debt.

Stop-loss and take-profit

Stop-loss is the function used for loss minimization. It’s set on a certain price point and once the actual price hits it, your trade closes with the losses up to that point. Even if the price goes down further, you don’t experience further losses thanks to the function.

Take-profit is the opposite and closes your trade once it reaches a certain price level in a positive direction. Both of these functions are available on the Profit BTC platform, so make sure to use them to the maximum.

Technical analysis

You mustn’t trade without any knowledge on the topic or it would be like gambling. First, make a technical analysis, look at the potential entry points, places to put a stop-loss to, and then make a trade.

You should also know various patterns, like Head and Shoulders, Bullish and Bearish flags, Triangles. Moreover, you should also know about indicators, like RSI, MACD, or Bollinger Bands to receive exact information on when to enter a trade.


Profit BTC platform is an amazing choice both for beginners and advanced traders. You should be cautious due to its possibly bad support and slow withdrawal speed. Nevertheless, the app is still properly secured, contains many functions, and is suitable for making big passive income online. Go ahead and make that money today already!