The Spy News is an AI-based platform for trading. The website uses its own algorithms that help traders earn maximum profits each day without spending more than 1 hour daily for this and paying an affordable deposit to make big profits. So how do you actually make money with The News Spy platform?

How does The News Spy website work?

The platform is based on the AI algorithms that work via automated robots. These robots are programmed to find the most profitable position on the market every day and instantly send this slot before closing to a broker. Brokers are assigned to each trader and they take control over their investments.

The platform is doing the whole thing itself, but this doesn`t mean you won`t be doing a single thing to earn profits. It`s your money you take care of and you also need to control how your broker works, manage your payouts, and withdraw money in time.

Pros and cons of The News Spy software


  • Simple and fast registration
  • Several methods of payment
  • No extra imposed charges or fees
  • Online live assistance
  • 4 supported cryptocurrencies


  • Not enough information on the creators
  • No mobile app
  • Access restrictions on some countries

Getting to work with The News Spy website

It`s very simple to start trading with The News Spy platform. There`s no mobile app but you can use it from the browser of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It`s friendly for any type of gadget and you can access it at any time. To start trading with The News Spy, do the following:

  1. Fill in your contact information. This includes your full name, email, and phone number. After you receive the link via email, you can make a deposit.
  2. Deposit the starting amount. It`s quite affordable to trade with this platform as the minimum deposit is just $250. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or a Paypal account. After investing this amount, you`ll get the chance to earn up to $1,000 daily.
  3. Do a demo trade. Before you actually start trading, it`s recommended that you do a demo trade. It`s a no-loss trading process that shows you how this whole system works. You don`t lose anything, but the process is shown using the money you`ve invested. Learn more about demo trading before you start an actual trading operation.
  4. Get to real trading. You can set your own limits, choose what position to open, etc.

The key advantages of the News Spy service

Below, you can see what makes The News Spy a great online platform to trade or invest your money in. It`s easy and convenient to use, all your transactions are secured, and it`s totally time-savvy. So let`s have a look at the platform a bit more thoroughly.

  • Unlimited withdrawals. You can withdraw money every day for an unlimited number of times, with no minimum or maximum amount required. Your money appears on your bank account within 24 hours which is pretty fast for a trading platform.
  • No hidden fees or extra charges. The News Spy system is 100% transparent which guarantees you no additional payments to be made, like commissions, extra fees for registration, etc. You always get what you earn and deposit as much as you want, not a dollar more.
  • Several cryptocurrencies supported. You can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum on The News Spy platform.
  • Top-class customer service. The support team is available 24/7 which allows you to solve any issue as quickly as possible. You can reach them by filling in the contact form in the Contact Us section on the main page.
  • Personal brokers. You`re assigned to a personal broker who takes care of your trading operations, from investments to withdrawals.
  • Data protection and security. Not only the platform is GDPR compliant, but also it has appointed a Data Protection Officer who`s in charge of privacy matters. All transactions and payments are encrypted.

Top trading tips for beginners

Before you start using The News Spy service, you should better learn some theory beforehand. Below are some useful recommendations on how to safely trade on The News Spy website.

  • Do your own research on cryptocurrency and trading. Read some articles, books, or watch some educational videos on what trading is and how you can earn profits from trading or investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Learn more about the most popular currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.
  • Do a market research.You should know how trading works on different markets, where`s the best option to trade right now, and which stocks are increasing or decreasing in price.
  • Start trading with small amounts. It`s totally fine to start with smaller amounts since you`re new to this. As you start receiving larger amounts, you can then gradually increase the amount you`re ready to invest and trade.
  • Only trade with the money you can afford to lose. One of the biggest mistakes and the riskiest thing to do on a volatile crypto market is to invest or trade with a huge amount of money.
  • Diversify your portfolio. Try different cryptocurrencies, open your positions on different markets, find different brokers, and create different wallets. This will make you a reliable, more experienced trader who is credible to other brokers and investors.


The News Spy website is a great tool for both beginners and professional traders who want to gain high profits with the minimum time and effort spent. The algorithms work almost flawlessly which gives the platform a win rate of 4.5/5. But before you start using the website, make sure to learn some basic rules, terms, and theory. The crypto market is volatile so you always run the risk of losing all your money. Always be patient and trade wisely!